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This is a picture of the small cone  box, apx 30 pinon pine cones freshly harvested, rich and full of nuts.  We only offer these for a short time each year. You can harvest your own fresh pinon pine nuts.Native American people would often times drop the cones into the hot springs and cook the nuts in the cone with boiling water. You can give that a try to experience pinon nuts in an entirely new fashion. Or, pan roast over an open fire, or place on a tin foil covered cookie sheet for roasting in cone, adds great flavor.  Roast @ 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

These are GREAT gifts for loved one and so very, very fresh!!!! The best of all things pinon.

Chose your size of Gourmet Roasting Pinon Cone Forest to Fork!

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14.95 sm

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Pre Harvest Pricing.  After the first of October price will rise by 25%  , order at $19.95 with October(pre harvest pricing has expired) delivery. 

The new 2015 American pinon  pine nut harvest. This is the hard-shell variety with the kernels famous for their sweet rich flavor. Wild. Fair-trade. 100% natural - straight from the tree, nothing added. Pinus edulis species.  We have been very lucky to find an exceptional area filled with pinon pine cones.  We will have plenty of extra-large sweet pinon pine nuts.  We are now picking these nuts and delivery is mid - October. We see the price rising upto $34.95 lb by the holidays.  Order now and save!!!

Delivery in October 2015. Pre-order now and lock in the price!  We are now harvesting, scroll down for cone boxes. 

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